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As the health insurance market is developing in Vietnam, there are more players entering the market. The increased competition is leading to better value & terms. Here are our best health insurance deals Vietnam for 2018, for:

  • Cheap International Health Insurance
  • Maternity Health Insurance
  • Family Health Insurance

Cheap International Health Insurance

Aplus Easy Care

Aplus Easy Care- Tenzing Pacific Insurance Services

Aplus International Health Insurance is partnered with AXA France to provide Easy Care health insurance plans.

Plan Summary:

This plans is designed for young & healthy people that want flexibility to have this insurance wherever they go in their lives & choose where they have treatment at.


The core benefits cover inpatient, outpatient, cancer, chronic conditions & emergency services.  They offer attractive pricing by only focusing on the most used benefits. It will never cover health checks, dental, maternity, vision or pre-existing conditions.


  • 50 years old or younger (age at entry)
  • Healthy (no pre-existing conditions are covered)
  • BMI 30 or under


Prices can be as low as $300/year. This will depend on your benefits, coverage area & age. The premium can be paid quarterly or semi-annually as well. That’s with No deductible, excess or co-pay.

Key Downside

There is no outpatient direct billing- however they have a 1 week claims repayment period, originals documents not required for claims under $500

This is easily one of the best health insurance deals in Vietnam & across Southeast Asia. It’s available for Expats & local citizens alike.


Maternity Health Insurance:

PJICO Care Plus

PJICO Care Plus Insurance Vietnam- Tenzing Pacific Insurance Services

Partnered with AXA Singapore, Care Plus offers international health insurance plans to residents of Vietnam.  They offer comprehensive benefits with high limits, especially for their maternity plans.

So in addition to having high regular benefits for Inpatient, Outpatient, Health Checks & Dental, they have outstanding maternity related benefits, including:

Routine Maternity,

(Pre & post natal visits & delivery)

ComplicationsFully CoveredFully Covered
Newborn AccommodationFully Covered
Newborn acute medical conditions (excl. congenital)Fully Covered
Outpatient BenefitFully Covered
Annual Health Checks$750$175
Waiting Period12-months
Child Covered fromBirth

Waiting Period

To clarify the maternity waiting period means that no maternity related benefits are payable in the first year of the policy.


The A1 plan starts at $1,955.  The A2 plan starts at $1,340. That’s with No deductible, excess or co-pay. That is as good of a maternity insurance deal as you’ll find on the market for private health insurance in Vietnam.

Family Health Insurance

1) LUMA Health Insurance

Luma Health Insurance- Tenzing Pacific Insurance Services

A name you’ll likely to see pop up more in 2018. Luma Health Insurance has gone through a recent rebranding from MSH Southeast Asia.


Luma health insurance is an international provider who focuses on residents of Southeast Asia, whether that’s Vietnamese or Expats. They offer a safe long-term plan, with 5 different plan levels, depending on what benefits you require.

Coverage Areas

You can choose from three different regular coverage area options + emergency coverage if you’re travelling outside of your regular coverage area. This allows them to offer more attractive pricing based on the medical costs of Southeast Asia.

Family Discount

There is a 20% discount if you have 4 or more people.


For a family of 4, with the parents in their 30s:

BenefitsAnnual Premium
Inpatient + Evac$1,654
Inpatient + Outpatient + Evac$3,206
Inpatient + Outpatient + Dental, Vision & Maternity + Evac$4,689

(No deductible, excess or co-pay)

2) ACS

ACS Health Insurance


ACS is an Expat focused international health insurer who focuses on residents of Southeast Asia.

Coverage Areas

They offer Southeast Asia as your regular coverage area plus offer emergency hospitalization coverage worldwide if you’re traveling outside of Southeast Asia.

Family Discount

They offer great rates for children, especially if you have an inpatient only plan.  In addition to that, they have:

  • Discounted rate for the 2nd child
  • 3rd child onward is free


For a family of 4, with the parents in their 30s:


BenefitFamily of 3Family of 4 or more
Inpatient + Evac$2,447$2,644
Inpatient + Outpatient + Evac$4,889$5,470

(No deductible, excess or co-pay)


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