Luma Health Insurance is partnered with Southeast Asia’s leading insurance companies to offer a wide range of health insurance plans for residents of:

  • Vietnam
  • Myanmar
  • Thailand
  • Cambodia

Luma Health Insurance brings the standard and quality of international health insurance, but without the price tag.

Why choose Luma Health Insurance as your preferred insurer?

Luma Health Insurance- Tenzing Pacific Insurance Services

1) Flexibility & Convenience

  • Freedom to choose whichever doctor or hospital you’d like to receive treatment at
  • Available for Local citizens or Expats
  • New applicants up to age 70
  • Worldwide coverage on all plans

2) Customer Service

24/7 worldwide support, available to you in a multiple languages.

3) Long-term Safety

What happens to your policy at the renewal period if you:

  • Claim a lot?
  • Get diagnosed with a chronic condition?
  • Require on-going treatments for something?

You would not want to be in this scenario with many local insurers throughout Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand & Myanmar.  They could essentially do with you what they want, including not renew your policy, limit your benefits, make you take a co-pay, deductible or excess.

That’s not the case with Luma Health Insurance. Their policies are lifetime guaranteed, they cannot:

  • Kick you off the plan
  • Skyrocket your renewal premium
  • Limit your annual or lifetime benefits
  • Force you into a co-pay, deductible, excess.

Luma Health Insurance provides the peace of mind for long-term value for residents of Southeast Asia.

4) International Direct Billing Network

Luma Health Insurance has a wide range of direct billing at modern hospitals & clinics throughout Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand & Myanmar.

Their direct billing network allows you to enjoy a cashless insurance service & avoids the process of paying & then submitting claims.

As a Luma Health Insurance member, you have the freedom to choose when & where you want to go. All at your fingertips.

5) Modern

Luma provides each member access to their own App, available on iPhone or Android to:

  • Find a doctor, hospital or clinic
  • Find your policy documents
  • Submit claims- which can be paperless claims depending on your residence country