MSH Vietnam is a new insurance plan available to residents of Vietnam starting from January 1st, 2017.  MSH International has brought their standards & practices to the Vietnamese market with the launch of MSH Vietnam Asia Care Plus.

New applicant ages:  18-70 years old

Nationalities:  Residents of any of the countries below- expats or local citizens- must spend 185+ days/year in the primary area of coverage:

Plan Portability:   The plan will transfer with you if you move anywhere within the primary area of coverage

Claims:  Claims  that are $200 usd or less – you don’t need to submit the originals, just scans

Direct Billing: You have direct billing, both inpatient & outpatient, anywhere within the primary area of coverage + can take elective treatments in the below zones as specified

Technology:  Website with a member’s portal to see benefit details, submit claims + find direct billing. An app is being developed to be released later this year.

Pre-existing conditions:  Can be considered for coverage on a case-by-case basis.

Learn more about pre-existing conditions

Motorbike Licenses:  They are not excluded, we still highly recommend you obtain a valid license

Need a license? Learn more

Renewals:  They are a community rated provider.

Learn more under: 3. Renewal.

Payment Frequency:

  • Quarterly  (+8%)
  • Semi-annually  (+4%)
  • Annually  (no surcharge)

How to Pay:

  • VND or USD Bank Transfer
  • Cash
  • Credit Card (coming soon)

VAT Invoice:  Available

BMI Restrictions:  Up to 39.9 (Learn how BMI affects your insurance)

Sports Coverage:  Don’t cover sports competitions or training for said competitions

Freedom of Treatment & Elective Treatments

Emergency Coverage Worldwide



Start at 18-24 year old age group as follows, then go up from there:

per month:


Get a full quote for your age group + see full benefits table

About Us:

We are a full-service insurance agency based in Ho Chi Minh City, we help our clients by matching them to insurance providers & plans that best suit their needs & budget.

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