There is a wide range of private health insurance plans for residents of SE Asia from local or international providers. These health insurance plans protect you against unexpected medical costs from accidents, injuries, illnesses, diseases and other medical conditions.

Private health insurance can be taken out as an individual, a couple, a family or as part of a company health insurance plan.

One factor in determining the price of a plan (the premium), is what treatments you want to have covered by your health insurance plan.

You can get a health insurance plan that protects you against expenses for:

  • Room & Board fees
  • Surgeries, operations & their related fees
  • X-ray, MRI & other diagnostic tests
  • Cancer and other chronic conditions
  • Doctor visits, including General Practitioner & specialist fees, test, medications
  • Minor surgery not requiring hospitalization
  • Rehabilitation, physiotherapy & chiropractor
  • Annual health checks
  • Routine dental
  • Maternity- including delivery, complications and maternity checks

You will have access to your provider’s direct billing network. This network will be made up of different hospitals & clinics where you have a cashless service for eligible treatments. Meaning, your health insurance plan would cover the expense directly with the hospital or clinic that you went to.

If you went outside of the network, then you would have to pay upfront and claim that expense back by submitting all of the relevant paperwork.

There are many factors in determining the premium (the cost) of a private health insurance policy, such as:

  • Age
  • Benefits offered
  • Benefit limitations
  • Coverage area
  • Terms & conditions
  • And more

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