If you have anyone that relies on your income for their well being, then you may want to consider international life insurance. Our straightforward international term life insurance plans are offered in USD & have flexibility with the length of the term & benefit amount.

No matter if you’re a local citizen, an expat or a business, you can take out an international term life insurance policy. Additionally, if you’re a business you can arrange a key man insurance policy, where the benefit is paid to your company, rather than to a nominated beneficiary.

With international life insurance, you can nominate multiple beneficiaries to how you see fit.

The benefit, which is in USD, will become payable anywhere in the world upon:

  • Death (accident, illness/diseases)
  • Diagnosis of Terminal Illness
  • Permanent disability (add-on)
  • Income protection (add-on)
  • Personal Accident (add-on)

While no one plans on passing early, give yourself peace of mind knowing your loved ones will be taken care of by an international life insurance policy.

Premiums are aged related & are fixed based on your age of entry. Get a quote today & get your annual premium locked in for the length of your policy.

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