Get Maternity Insurance in Vietnam or SE Asia, whether you’re an expat or a local citizen living in your own country. If you’re family planning, then the time to consider maternity insurance is now!

Compare a range of maternity insurance providers, plans, benefits, premiums and terms in Vietnam & SE Asia.

A maternity insurance plan can cover a range of maternity related expenses, including:

  • Routine delivery expenses
  • Complications of pregnancy
  • Newborn care
  • Pre-natal visits
  • Post-natal visits
  • Child wellbeing tests
  • Vaccines

In addition to maternity expenses, your plan will also provide benefits like a regular health insurance plan would. This includes:

  • Room & Board fees
  • Surgeries & operations and their related expenses
  • Hospitalization (inpatient)
  • Routine doctor visits (outpatient)
  • Cancer & chronic conditions
  • Diagnostic tests, general practitioner & specialist’s fees
  • And more

You can get access to a wide range of direct billing from international hospitals & clinics throughout SE Asia. So wherever you plan to have your baby, we’ve got you covered.

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