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Atlas International Life Insurance- Nick Joslin

By Nick Joslin


Like many expats in Southeast Asia, I like playing sport in my spare time. This can range from Rugby and Football (soccer for you yanks) to Aussie Rules or Gaelic football.

This encompasses:

  • Training
  • Friendlies
  • League matches
  • Tournaments around Asia

I will go over why it’s important to have medical insurance that covers sport, ways to protect yourself & some other general information about how your recreational hobbies affect your medical insurance.

So why bother?

How many times have you fallen awkwardly? Collided with an opposing player? Picked yourself of the ground thinking, “that was close!” ?   If you’re like me, the answer is a lot!

Injuries are an unfortunate part of most sports, whether that’s physical contact injuries, pulled muscles or damage to ligaments & tendons.  They can happen at any time & at any level of competition. 

The required treatments related to sport injuries are often expensive. Whether that’s a surgery or ongoing care for rehabilitation & physiotherapy. 

That’s why having proper medical insurance that covers sport is so important.

How can I protect myself?

The answer is simple, when you’re taking out a plan, make sure whatever sport you play is covered under the policy.  Seems simple enough, but many times this isn’t even something that’s considered when taking out a medical insurance plan.  As someone from the UK, I know this wasn’t something I had even considered as it’s not something I’ve ever had to think about back at home. 

Equally as important, make sure you’re covered in the countries you play in.  You wouldn’t want to be in Hong Kong at a tournament & discover your policy coverage area excludes Hong Kong. I know I certainly wouldn’t want to have an emergency surgery in Hong Kong uninsured!

If you’re travelling to somewhere outside of your coverage area, then you can take out a supplemental travel insurance for the trip. 

It’s okay, I already have insurance.

Did you know that not all medical insurers will cover your from a sports injury. Why?

Insurers sometimes exclude sports to lower their risk & offer more attractive prices. If you are intentionally putting yourself at in situations with higher risk levels, then there is an associated liability for the insurer.

What types of sports are usually excluded?

This will ultimately depend on the insurer you have. In general, if you take part in extreme sports, you can count of them not being covered. Most insurers will exclude anyone who plays a sport as their profession.

For recreational players like myself, it will vary by provider.

How much is medical insurance that covers sport?

The price will ultimately depend on:

  • Your Age
  • Coverage Area
  • Benefits

For a 30-year old, expect to pay $30-$150/month depending on a few factors. So, not that much compared to staring down a large medical bill with no valid insurance!

What should you do?

If you play contact sports, then get in touch with us & we’ll run through the options available to you or evaluate your current health insurance plan.

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